isonic medical, glaucoma testing, vibration tonometry

a quantum leap in glaucoma detection and monitoring



Fondateurs de Isonic Medical


Pierre Bitoun: Ophtalmo-Généticien spécialiste du glaucome infantile, Président et Directeur Scientifique

Frédéric Benqué: Ingénieur Polytechnicien Gérant Associé de la Banque Rothschild

Jean Binquet Ingénieur International chez Coyne et Bellier

Dewnos s.a. société d’investissement

Oscar Cuzzani MD PhD, Ophtalmologue Co-Inventeur de la Tonométrie à vibration, Directeur Médical

A network of subcontractors and partners


HOLO3, Westline electronics Device development


LAAS/CNRS Toulouse

 Device development


LMDC, White-Tillet



E.N.S. P Jacquier

Laboratoire Kassler Brossel


APHP, Institut du glaucome

Public healthcare institutions



Scientific Board


Oscar Cuzzani

VP Medical Science, XOMA, previously Director of Global Medical Development, Allergan. Inventor of iSonic Medical’s vibration tonometry technology. Physician scientist, specialised in ophthalmology (glaucoma, retina, immunology), with a vast experience in clinical trials and device development.


Robert Ritch

Professor of Ophthalmology, New York Medical College, Chief of Glaucoma Service and Surgeon Director, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, USA, Founder and Board Member, The Glaucoma Foundation, USA; Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


Serge Resnickoff

President, International Health Development, previously Senior Policy Advisor, World Health Organisation (inter alia, headed Fighting Blindness Program); past Managing Director of Thea Ophthalmolgy Laboratories and Board Member of The Ophthalmology World Congress. He is the Head of the iSonic Medical’s Scientific Advisory Board.


Yves Lachkar

Director of the Paris Glaucoma Institute, Chief  of Ophthalmology, Saint Joseph Hospital, Paris, Board member of French Glaucoma Society, Committee Member of European Glaucoma Society, Member of World Glaucoma Patient Organization and Foundation Liaison Committee, Associate Professor of Medical College of the  Paris Hospitals.


Ivan Goldberg

Ophthalmic surgeon, specialising in glaucoma. Head of the Glaucoma Unit and Visiting Ophthalmologist, Sydney Eye Hospital, Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney University and Director of Eye Associates, Sydney. Board member of the World Glaucoma Congress. Leading ophthalmology specialist in Asia: Founder President of South East Asian Ophthalmology Interest Group and Executive  Committee Member of the Asian-Oceanic Glaucoma Society.


Joao Furtado

A young  and brilliant professor of Ophthalmology in Sao Paulo University Hospital, Brazil. He was previously a researcher in glaucoma at the Casey Eye Institute of Oregon Health Sciences University.